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The 1% Club is a 16-week program designed to help you re-train the way you perceive yourself and the world around you to help you reach your fullest potential and the life you deserve.

The time is now, become the real you. The best you.

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The Program

With the 1% Club program, you will learn the secrets to achieve the best version of yourself and live a truly happy life full of purpose and fulfillment.

The program breaks off into 4 stages which you will complete through online and offline exercises and routines with the assistance and guidance of a dedicated coach along the process.

Our teachers and parents never taught us the steps to becoming a fulfilled human being. This program teaches you the core values of being the best  you can be.

Join the 1% Club Program Now

our program curriculum

The 1% Club program is split into 4 phases of discovery and action, each of which is composed by 4 weekly exercises. Below you can follow our curriculum and plan.

Self Discovery

Exterior Work

Boost all of your senses from 1 to 10.

Mirror Work

Engrain new winner habits into your life.

Mastering Your Walk

Amplify your confidence through your walk.

Rhythm and Tempo

Find happiness through dance and movement.


Interior Work

Discovery through your and others’ surroundings.

Writing Your Great Movie

Learn how to be the star of your life.

Calendar of Events

Bring your great movie to life through action and planning.

Unleash the Beast

Unmute and release all of your caged emotions.


Character Development

Learn how to act and excel in every situation.

Self Love

Tap into the emotions that your body and mind crave.

Give Love

Remove ego to create comfort around others.

Get Love

Redefine the characteristics of what love is to you.


Becoming the CEO of You

Write a new set of rules to live by.

Living with Intentions

Fulfill your life and others’ through purpose and intent.

Neighborhood Work

Stop following the followers, and start leading the leaders.

Last Day

It’s your last day on earth, appreciate yourself and others.

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